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5 Things I Hated Before Going Vegan

Hate is a strong word, but I need a catchy title. I would not go so far to even say hate more just always avoided them and never ate them. I know that are taste buds change as we grow older, but I think even more it was just that my diet had changed completely. So, all my flavors and types of meals I was having were completely different. Well, here are five things I “hated” before going vegan.

1. Mushrooms! Holy shit, I used to despise mushrooms and anyone who ate them. This one I can say I hated. I remember working in a pizza joint while in high school and consitently people would be ordering a mushroom and sausage pizza. I would gag every time I had to make this meal for someone. The thought of smelly mushroom and sausage combining forces with a pound of cheese disgusted me. However, now that I know mushrooms aren’t just used for pizza, I have actually grown quite fond of them! I have mushrooms with every other meal. I enjoy sauteed mushrooms with a delicious rice bowl (among a lot of other things). Mushrooms are versatile vegetables that can be used and cooked in many different ways. I learned to enjoy something I hated because my perception of them changed.

2. Oatmeal. You are telling me I have to measure the oats and measure the milk and microwave it. Now, you are telling me that it might overflow and that it might be too runny or clumpy. Pass. Honestly, it was that I was lazy and took no time to appreciation what you can do with oatmeal. I am going to say less and just point you to here this is how I make oatmeal now. I was to use to ripping open a Poptart bag or pouring cereal to the top of the bowl and pouring milk to where I pleased. All in all, patience is all I needed.

3. Broccoli. It was never something I entirely hated or would avoid at all costs. However, the only time I would have it if it was steamed or if it was being dosed in ranch. I begin to despise ranch which inevitably left me to never be eating broccoli and avoiding it. Now, with the wonders of flavor and seasoning I am beginning to enjoy broccoli again. I never really had a problem with it unless it was bare and naked. I am still trying to enjoy just raw broccoli. However, as of now I can still only eat it when it is flavored or paired with a meal.

4. Black beans. I attribute my girlfriend for showing me how good black beans could be. Honestly, I only ever had them when it was at Mexican restaurant. They were always to warm and mushy for my liking. Now, with my girlfriends cooking I have begun to enjoy them! Personally, I like them in a salad and they are room or refrigerator temperature. We have begun to bake and sometimes boil them as well. I am beginning to enjoy black beans as a whole more and more with each meal. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

5. Tofu. This is a silly one. Well, I am vegan, so I sort of have to love tofu! However, like all vegans can I attest that it did not get good till we started marinating and adding flavor to our tofu! Honestly, before going vegan I only had tofu the number of times I could count on my hands. I get it! When you order food, and your main source of protein isn’t flavored whatsoever it kind of ruins the meal. However, when you add your own personal flavors to that source of protein and cook it how you like? It’s a mouthgasm every single time. I love tofu!

What I have learned through this is that it takes effort to enjoy things you may not like. Adding flavor and being more open minded can allow so many things you once avoided to become your new favorites! Change is amazing. Realizing that the meals you want to prepare do not need to be rushed and if they are rushed, I promise you still have time to add flavor! If you have the time be patient and appreciate what you are creating for yourself! What are some foods you “hated” before going vegan? Pu Peace :)


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