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Best Non-Dairy Plant Milk (in my opinion)

As you already know there is a huuuge variety of non-diary milks. Pea milk, peanut milk, rice milk, walnut milk, banana milk! The list just keeps going and we love that! My personal goal is to try every single plant milk. The ones I have tried so far is macadamia milk, coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk. So I'm going to rank them in my opinion of worst to best. (Even though non of them tasted bad at all hehe I love them all for different reasons.)

5. Almond Milk- This might be a shocker, but yeah almond milk is my least favorite. Simply because it is sooo watery. This was my first go to non-dairy milk, and I was obsessed. Then I tried different kinds of non-dairy milk and my eyes were opened to thicker "milkier" options.

4. Soy Milk- The flavor is lacking for me, but it is a little creamier to me than almond milk so here we are. ;P

3. Coconut Milk- OKay Miss Coconut Milk how I love her sweet notes of coconut. She is sooo delicious to add to drinks!! The coconut does shine through in flavor a lot, so adding it so cereal and oatmeal will deff change the flavor a little.

2. Macadamia Nut Milk- I was blownnn away when I frothed macadamia milk for the first time. Best froth of anyyyy non-dairy milk I've ever frothed!!! Not to mention her flavorrrr. She is just more expensive and less accessible for everyone.

  1. Oat Milk- This might not be such a shocker, but plsss I just love oat milk with my whole being. The buttery thicc flavor, the froth, the most eco-friendly non-dairy milk. If you haven't tried it yet... this is your sign. :)

Thanks for reading! I'll update when I try some new non-dairy plant milks. xx lex


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