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The Choices You Make

I have found that becoming vegan has pushed me to be better in more aspects then just my diet. I have found myself stronger physically and mentally. Honestly, it all comes down to me changing my diet. I repeat myself a lot, but I am not saying being vegan makes you stronger. However, doing things that make you feel better will in turn make you better. It is simple, yet so hard. For a better half of my life in college I was consistently looking for a way to make myself better. Well, I kept telling myself I should find a way to make myself better. Although, I spent most of my time drinking and eating like shit. You know, there is what you say and what you do. We can all agree that our true intentions (what we say) is half of what we actually do. In other words, we never do what we truly want because we already feel comfortable in our everyday lives. In the end, for me it was sacrifices and just doing. I stopped eating like shit and getting a four for four almost every day and started cooking my own. I would go to the gym which I already did before, but after I would not eat like shit or drink four beers. In doing so, this last year I have felt amazing. I now feel like I can comprehend my own thoughts and talk to myself without being worried by other thoughts. I am at peace. This feeling derives from me no longer allowing myself to have excuses or tell myself that it is okay. I mean it is okay but not for where I wanted to be in life. We sometimes give up too early on becoming our best selves because it takes time. Well, no time like the now. Have a great day and be the best you can be! Pu Peace :)


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