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My First Time

This fall season is rolling around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. Something about the spookiness, festivities, and overall feeling I get in my heart during this season just fills me right up with happiness and fulfillment. Fall foods start to flood my timelines. I kept seeing so many posts of Trader Joe’s seasonal vegan foods. So, I took myself on a little trip to the nearest Trader Joe’s. Keep in mind I had never before been to Trader Joe’s. Shocking right? I could barely hold my excitement while pulling up to the parking lot. It was nighttime when I arrived, so Trader Joe’s literally looked like a glowing Haven!

My first impression was pure joy like a little kid at Disney. Pumpkins, seasonal flowers, and fresh breads filling the air right at the entrance. Young adults fashionably dressed were scattered throughout the store knowing exactly what they were planning to purchase. Myself on the other hand not so much. I took my time reading every item that caught my eye from front to back. For some reason I always love reading those little messages from companies on the back of their products. They are always so uplifting and cutesy.

Seasonal Goods from Trader Joe’s

When it comes to Trader Joe’s seasonal goods, I have several vegan items I have now tested to recommend. J I will touch on all the products I bought on my haul! The first item into my cart was their famous pumpkin bagels. OH, my goodness... bagels in general have my whole heart, but pumpkin bagels. Yes, a complete must they were everything I ever expected and more. Pumpkin rolls (yes like those cinnamon rolls in a can that you have to crack open) with pumpkin spice icing. Holy mother of all things good in the world. Please I could eat these every day of my life. That is all. I spotted their vanilla pumpkin soy wax candle, and I just finished burning it all the way down to the bone while typing this up. I am sad to see it go but so grateful to have experienced it. This candle was $3.99 for 5.7 oz, so I will 100% be picking up like five more next time I go to Trader Joe’s. Spicy pumpkin curry simmer sauce is a creamy consistency with pumpkin and squash flavors at the end. The flavor sits between the yellow and red curry flavors. I do enjoy slightly more spicy curry’s but this one was perfect for the season. Plus, we can always kick up the spice while cooking with it! Maple and sea salt kettle corn is popped in olive oil, seasoned with sea salt, and sweetened with a light maple-sugar glaze. I mean come on this practically melted in my mouth. I ate it incredibly fast and zero shame. Apple cider fruit spread is perfect for sliced up apples, toast, pastries, and can be used to spice up a tofu dinner! A traditional apple cider drink put into a thicc fruit spread. Pumpkin O’s is a toasted whole grain cereal. This actually blew Aaron and I away because it is straight fire. No joke. I am not huge on cereals, but this is an exception. Do you let your cereal get a little soggy or do you prefer it scrapping the inside of your mouth? Personally, I prefer somewhere in between. Maple butter is exactly what you would think! 100% maple syrup that has been churned. This pairs great with freshly toasted bread, apples, or however you wanna spread it. ;) Pumpkin butter is another seasonal spread, but it does include honey. Bummer not vegan friendly. Cookie Butter is a spread for breads, muffins, and toast. This is a very sweet spread made up of speculoos cookies, crushed Belgian biscuits, and a warm holiday spice blend.

Regular Goods from Trader Joe’s Of course, I picked up other goods from TG’s! Green goddess salad dressing consists of avocado, green onion, cold pressed lemon juice, chives, basil, and garlic. Literally the best salad dressing to cross my taste buds since it is so fresh and being low cal is a plus. Zhoug sauce is a spicy green herbal sauce with Yemeni roots that will take you straight to flavor town. This zhoug sauce consists of 8 ingredients that I love. Vegan kale, cashew, and basil pesto is something I have always wanted to try. I have made my own pesto before but it’s not the sameeee. 100/10 they nailed this flavor so fresh, so creamy, and olive oil phew! Cauliflower gnocchi was another delicious dish. I should’ve cooked them in olive oil, but I chose to cook the gnoochi in water, so they were not as toasted as I preferred, but that’s one me. HA! They are found in the frozen section. Non-dairy maple oat beverage is the top tier oat milk of all the land. Trust me you gotta try it. Vegan chicken-less seasoning salt is everything! It combines all the great spices like turmeric, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt. I was quite surpised by how much I enjoyed this seasoning. Soy chorizo looks just like regular chorizo which kinda grosses me out but the flavor is immaculate.

I ended my wonderful trip to Trader Joe’s by talking with a cheerful cashier with the kindest heart. She gave me tip about when to stop in for their tofu Turkey that is freezable. Apparently, they sell out really fast so catch me going to snag one next weekend! Haha happy shopping! xx lex

Trader Joe's at Night with Palm Trees
Trader Joe's at Night with Palm Trees


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