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What That Voice in Your Head Wants

Have you ever felt lost? I have even wondered who I am. It is hard to find yourself and become the person you want to be. However, there is ways to combat that voice in your head. First, you must understand that voice in your head is your own voice. Second, listen to that voice and learn to love it!

Our greatest enemy is ourselves. Well, the voice in our head in our head is our greatest enemy. It is who you spend the most time with, and at some point, you begin to argue with that voice and that voice does nothing but bring you stress and anxiety. I have begun fighting that voice and trying to understand it more. It is important to confront that voice instead of just listening and trying to argue. You know how we all just want to be listened to, well that voice in your head (you) wants to be listened to as well. That voice in your head is not trying to bring you stress but is asking you to confront it and learn. Take it as a blessing to overcome any anxiety and fear you have. If I did not listen to what that voice was telling me I would not be growing. If I tried to ignore that voice I would just be left always stressing and building up emotions that could have been confronted earlier on. You know how we have to listen to our bodies and whatever it is telling us? The same goes for what our mind is telling us.

I will leave you with a story of my personal battles with the voice in my head. I had a constant argument with the voice in my head “what are you doing with your life”. I was left with this constant battle in my mind for about a whole month. It was not until I had a mental breakdown that I began to realize what my mind was really trying to do. Which was save me! I was doing a job that I despised and hated but did anyway because “money is everything”. I had that attitude because I want to be successful. However, I began to learn that success is measured through your mental well-being. I was working hard at a job where I did not want to progress, so why stay? I was smoking way too much marijuana to keep myself distracted from the constant anxiety this job brought me. That was until I started to listen to the voice in my head and talk to it and come to the conclusion of who and what I want to be!

So, this is who I want to be. I wish to bring a smile to everyone’s face and push the power of love onto them! I will do this by working hard and doing what will help me stay positive to bring that love out. I understand that I must work, and I want to work! More importantly, I want the work I do to bring me happiness. I must start somewhere, but I want to start somewhere that will allow me to progress to a better person. All in all, that voice in your head is you telling you what to do to be the best person you can be. Life comes with challenges and that voice is trying to help you overcome those challenges. Listen to yourself. Pu peace :)


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