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The Holidays as a Vegan

The holidays are coming, and it is time to feast. Winter, the time to freeze and overeat. Just kidding. However, this is my first holiday season being vegan and I am interested to see how it goes. I was able to order food for myself from a local vegan restaurant and have it ready come Thanksgiving. So, if you live in a city, I am 1000% sure you will be able to find an alternative. If you do not want to order from a restaurant then by all means, try attempting to make your own plate. Also, you can always ask whomever is preparing the food to try and leave out some of the ingredients that you cannot eat. Instead of making the mashed potatoes all at once make it first with no butter then add it after there is some set aside for you. There is always a way to live plant-based do not let the holidays tell you otherwise. This post is sort of saying that you should not stress for the upcoming holidays and that you can maintain your current lifestyle. Also, if you are attempting to become vegan or vegetarian (or whatever) do not let the holidays fright you. There is a lot of opportunities to maintain that lifestyle you wish to have. I know, you may miss grandma’s delicious mac n cheese or pies. However, there is no cheat days if you are trying to make this a lifestyle you wish to live. Although, if you are attempting to intake less meat or dairy then by all means, do you! I was just starting to eat less meat and dairy when the holidays came around last year and I took steps of maintaining that even with all this delicious food in front of me. I only allowed myself two pieces of meat stuck mainly to the sides. All in all, we should all enjoy the holidays and feast! Pu Peace :)


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