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Vegans Love their Pasta

Pasta is delicious, if made right. Honestly, not really it is delicious no matter what (99% of the time). However, you can expand on that already delicious taste and enhance it easily. All you will need is two additional ingredients. Go into your cupboard and pull out that salt (sea salt preferably) and olive oil (extra virgin). Now, grab a pinch of salt for each serving or however much looks right to you. Now, drop that into your water while it is heating up! Yes, before the pasta is added (doesn’t really matter just my preference). Okay, now that salt is added while the water is heating up, go ahead and add the pasta noodles once the water begins to boil. I honestly prefer just throwing in a random amount of pasta just like the salt (usually left with more). While the pasta noodles are boiling grab your bowl and pasta sauce! Add a little bit of sauce to the bottom of your bowl (I usually go for a donut hole size) so it is easier for your sauce to be evenly mixed around. IMPORTANT: test your noodles! You have to taste your noodles to find the perfect noodle to your liking! Throughout this whole post I have been implying that it is up to your preference. This is where your preference is most important! You need to find the perfect noodle to your liking. Some people like sort of crunchy noodles and some of us like flimsy noodles. All up to you! So, grab a ladle and dig a noddle out of the boiling water, blow on it unless you like burning your tongue off, and take a bite. Now, if you like turn the stove top off. If you want them a little bit softer just mix the noodles around and check every few minutes. Once they are done you will pour the noodles into strainer and shake off all the excess water. Pour your noodles into the bowl. Now, you will pour olive oil on top of your noodles before mixing the sauce in. Awesome, add your sauce and proteins and mix around. Enjoy. Pu peace.


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