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Opinions, We All Got Em

Opinions, we all have them. However, we all know how strong people are with their opinions. Which is perfectly fine, obviously. Be proud of who you are, but do not torment other for life decisions that make them who they are. Unless they are obsessed with robbing people or something of that sort. I see too many times of people forcing their opinions down onto other’s. It is like they know everything and the decisions you make are terrible and that you are stupid. No, you are just you and they are them. It is like being a rabid sport fanatic for your hometown team and your best friend tries telling your favorite teams’ rival team is superior. Not happening. Well, to my point after that long-winded intro. It is okay to do what you think makes you feel right! Also, take a step back and evaluate if you are someone who always has a strong opinion. Two-sided conversations are important, but with strong opinions you tend only listed for rebuttals. I am vegan and I do not hate you if you eat meat. I will not pressure you to change. If you have questions or are interested in converting, then absolutely! I will give you all my opinions and experience, but I will not shun you for how you eat. Ultimately, with our values a stranger or even someone close to you cannot change who you are and should not. Live how you want and let others do the same. You know treat how you want to be treated. In the end, you will make a change if you want change. Pu Peace.


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