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How Becoming Vegan Helped Me Be Better

If you want a healthy lifestyle, you cannot change just one thing. However, starting with one thing is a great step into the right direction! For me that was becoming vegan. When I started to transition being plant-based I still was not implementing other things that would make me happier. I am here to say that it is okay to go one step at a time. Honestly, it is preferred, well at least for me. I did not want to overwhelm myself with “being a better person” and turn them into tasks. I wanted to become healthier by genuinely wanting to better myself. Being a better person should not be a job but something we strive to do. It has almost been a year now since I began to transition being plant-based. Honestly, mentally I feel the best I have ever felt and that goes for me physically as well.

Things that I have implemented in the last year consist of; yoga, going to the gym, better hygiene, believing in my gut & journaling. So, let us start with yoga! This is something that I never thought would work for me until I was able to embrace it. I used to think of it as ten minutes wasted, but I was completely wrong. Yoga has allowed me to calm my mind down and have my body relax after a long day. Now, I try to do yoga every night and every night that I do I sleep through the whole night (rarity). Onto the gym, I have always been a runner. However, I got to a point to where I was only running and exhausting myself instead of working any other muscle groups. Trust me, I still run like hell. However, now that I go the gym, I feel better all-around and of course, look better. Going to the gym is like a one-on-one therapy session and you get all your problems out by working out your body. I look at myself better now. Implementing a better hygiene has made me feel a lot more confident in myself. I have always tended to clip and file my nails; shower daily & do all the basics. However, I took it a step above. I began taking care of my face more by moisturizing and cleaning it. I lotion my body every time I get out of the shower. I stopped buying the cheapest deodorant that hurt to put on. The hardest and the one I am still working on is to believe in my gut. A lot of my anxiety comes from doing the opposite of what my gut tells me to do. I think that sometimes I argue with that voice in my head (me) and do whatever it tells me instead of what I really want to do. This then will bring a lot of anxiety onto me. How do I combat it? I stop arguing with the voice in my head and do whatever will turn it off. How do I turn it off? I listen to my gut! I recommend everyone to start listening to their gut more and more. Lastly, I journal! This allows me to get out whatever I have been building up and just let it out. It is one of the few times when my mind is clear and able to focus on just one thing, my emotions. Seriously, if you are overwhelmed with thoughts begin to journal and just write out what you are feeling.

Now, those are the things I have started to do in the last year. It all began by becoming vegan and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. I did not just want to be vegan, I wanted to have a better life overall. All of this is just investing in yourself. You are worth so much and never undervalue yourself! Take care of yourself and you will be fine. I mean genuinely take care of yourself by bettering yourself. Stop letting the distractions in the world from bettering the most important person, you. Not all at once, but let’s begin to look inward. Pu Peace :)


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