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Expanding MY Palate

The biggest takeaway I have gained through becoming or attempting to become vegan is that I have opened my taste buds up into a whole new world. Before, it was hamburgers, pork chops, wings and hot dogs. Literally, I would have at least two of these things every week. I was senselessly eating the same things every single week. I was basically an adult child who would only eat something if it had ketchup on it. I became stuck in a shell with only allowing myself to consume the same thing. However, when I began to attempt to become vegan and started reducing my meat and dairy intake, I instantly noticed one thing. I WAS TRYING SO MUCH NEW FOOD. That staple item called “meat” on your plate leads you to consuming the same type of meal. “Oh, we have burgers let us make some fries on the side.” If you take away that meat, you are left with almost nothing. Until, you start to become creative and expanding your recipes and palate. Currently, I am on a tofu kick. Before becoming vegan I have tried tofu, but it was just plain non-cooked tofu. I thought it was disgusting, however now that I am experimenting with seasoning tofu and cooking it has become one of my favorite things to eat. Remember, the reason I am now trying tofu all the time now and not just on a whim once is that I no longer consume meat. Where do I get the protein needed most days? Tofu! Also, the amount of different type of ethnic food I try to recreate is outstanding. I cannot remember the last time I had an “American” meal. Nothing against it, but that is all I mainly ate. I genuinely never thought I would be recreating all these delicious meals from all over the world in my own kitchen! Well, I would like to add that without a partner that is a phenomenal cook and always open to new things it could be a different story. You know me, I like to keep it short and to the point. If you attempt to become vegan or reduce your meat and dairy intake. Trust me, you will expand your palate and you will discover so many new meals you will come to love. Peace + Love + Positivity. Pupeace!


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