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Eating Out as a Vegan

Staying optimistic is the best thing you can do in life. If you are vegan, then staying optimistic while going out to eat is the best thing you can do. I know, you may be tired of eating a $12 beyond burger at every restaurant. However, if you look deeper into the menu and allow yourself to get creative you may be able to finally get away from that burger. Side note: I despise the beyond burger. I will spend all day belching the taste of actual meat all day, gross. Back to our creativity and our willingness to experiment. There are several different types restaurants out there, too many to cover. So, let me be quick and blunt with the “main” types of places you may be out to eat and feel lost on what to get. First, my personal favorite pizza! This is an easy one! No cheese or meat! Give it a try it is delicious. If you want your veggies crispy, I suggest thin crust, while the standard crust mixes all the flavor together. If you are getting takeout or it delivered you can always add your own personal dairy-free cheese at home. Also, this applies to dipping sauce. If your pizzeria has breadsticks that are vegan, grab some marinara sauce and get dipping! That is all I have for some delicious ‘za. Now, onto eating at a Mexican restaurant. The same applies just like the ‘za ask for no cheese and meat. Also, chips and salsa are vegan. Lastly, a Chinese restaurant. Have you noticed how they have orange flavored for everything but tofu? Well, I have too. The solution? Ask them if they are able to make the orange chicken but substitute it with tofu. Honestly, it is quite simple for all of these. I am just trying to show you with a little creativity you are not stuck with what they have designed for you to eat. Half the time, two items on the menu wow so much diversity and things to choose from. The least you can do is ask and if they give you a hard time why would you want to eat there? I mean you can always just drag your friends to the local vegan restaurant and go and support them. Oh, vegan restaurants please start serving alcohol. Pu Peace


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