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Easy Vegan Meal Prep for Those Who Cannot Cook

I am vegan and I cannot cook. Well, I cannot cook like Chef Lex. So, what does a vegan eat that cannot cook? In simplest terms I eat like I would if I was not vegan. However, I just use plant-based meat replacements. I want to run down what I eat so I can show you that you can do it too!

I always either have a burger (eating at home) or I make a sandwich (eating at work).

· Bread – Killer Dave's Bread

· Tofurky (turkey slices) or Dr. Praegers burgers (air fry)

· Mozzarella slices

· Banana peppers (mild)

· Spicy brown mustard

· Iceberg lettuce

See, this is quite simple to make, but delicious.

Next, we must have some delicious sides.

· Grapes, pineapple & strawberries

· Pretzels

· Sliced cucumber and bell peppers

· Extremely spicy hummus

I find it important to get your daily share of fruits and vegetables.

I usually skip the desert, but I do enjoy my meal with a regular la croix.

Short, simple, easy and delicious! This is what I eat almost every day that I am not enjoying the delicious food by Chef Lex. Also, this meal plan is very affordable and offers a lot of protein as well. I do not find myself feeling exhausted after eating, instead I am left with energy and feel fulfilled. I recommend this type of meal for anyone who wants something made fast and can be prepped for multiple days at a time. Pu Peace :)


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