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Do Not Be Afraid of Plant-Based Alternatives

Tofu eggs? Tempeh bacon? Cashew mozzarella? Eggless Mayo? There are literally endless alternatives to meat and dairy!! When I was first switching to a vegan lifestyle, I did not know what to make of all these wonderful options. It can be kind of overwhelming for beginners but SO worth it. You will just need to do some research to learn more about it, and I am still continuously learning everyday. I love my journey into the world of veganism. Pinterest is my favorite app ever ever ever. I use it as a way to manifest my goals, find the best recipes, and basically everything else. xD I learned how to make scrambled tofu hash for breakfast. (Don't worry I'll drop the recipe soon!) The vegan industry is literally booming right now so it’s the easiest time to go vegan! The first alternative I went for was coconut yogurt. This slaps! I also learned a great homemade granola recipe because in college every penny counts. ;) My first go to was Aldi and Fresh Thyme. Their main vegan brand is Earth Grown. Make sure under the Earth Grown tag it says “Vegan”. Try it all!!


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