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Attempting to be Vegan

My name is Aaron Best and I am attempting to become vegan. That is right “attempting”. Veganism is not something you can easily do and just become. It is difficult. Imagine smoking a pack a day and trying to go cold turkey. Practically impossible, however if you do the right things and set goals that can actually be met it is possible! I have been attempting to become vegan for about a year now. You may be thinking “what the hell, a whole year?”. Yes, a whole year I have been attempting to change my lifestyle. With my attempt I would think I have been successful. Until, now I would eat meat most likely at least once a day. An average American’s family dinner would consist of some sort of meat and a side. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. I endured eating meat every night practically. My whole life I was surrounded by people who ate meat and the people providing me this food were meat eaters. However, I cannot blame them. That is silly to blame anyone, it is how they were most likely raised and before that. Each story is different as each person, personally I have always not been a fan of meat, to say. You have to do what you have to do though. It is YOUR choice if you want change for whatever reasons, but I will say you truly have to want to change to bear the title of being “Vegan”. Deep down I wanted a healthier lifestyle and be more considerate of the Earth and all its living organisms. Luckily, I found a partner whose values align with mine. I should say she was a lot more passionate than me about becoming vegan, as she is 100% vegan now. Basically, what I wish to tell you is that it is possible. I can go into a lot more details, but this is my introduction of who I am and some of my ideologies. My name is Aaron Best and I am attempting to become vegan. Nice to meet you. J


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