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Staying Active

A healthy diet is important, and we can preach all the benefits that going plant-based has brought. However, I do not just eat healthy and lay around all day. Staying active is just as important if not more. I understand that for a lot staying active can be difficult especially if you always feel busy. I just hope I can share some insights on what I have done to eliminate that “busy” mentality. First, none of us are busy 24/7. Okay, I am not a dick head though and recognize that some people may just be tired or cannot fit in a whole hour for exercise. Maybe, you work 8:00 am-5:00 pm. So, you get up at 6:30 am get ready and have a thirty-minute drive. Then you need to go home (another 30 minutes), make dinner and spend time with your loved ones, by then it is 8:30-9:00 pm. While going to bed at a reasonable time to just do the same exact thing as yesterday. I understand! It can be tough, but we cannot neglect our bodies. We need to be passionate about improving our bodies. How much we can change both psychically and sometimes more importantly mentally by staying active. I would argue that 9/10 your day will go better if you exert some real energy and give your body that attention it needs. Trust me, you do not need to let your body and mental health go to shit because you are “busy”. At most you will probably need 20 minutes to run a mile. Give yourself those 20 minutes, okay 30 considering it is important to stretch as well. Just give it a chance. Now, back to passion. If you do not wish to just run to an imaginary line that marks one mile, that is fine. I usually take that mile and turn into much more by doing what I am passionate about. That is playing soccer. If you are passionate about a sport and enjoy playing it do not give up on it just because it is no longer part of your normal routine. Make it normal again, even if it means playing by yourself, with a few friends or joining a whole new club or organization. Find a way! Not a sports person? Not everyone is! Try biking, rollerblading, hiking, swimming, yoga, or numerous other options. Just please try! If you give up on your body, your body in return will give up on you. Pu Peace!


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