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Our 2021 New Year Resolutions

A year of worldwide hell, but personally I have grown and done things I never imagined I would have. Well, Alexis and I both have. As I am sure all of us have! Now, with the new year here I think it is time to become a better me. We have dreams... we all do. This year let us all work towards those dreams. I am not saying cut everything and be 10000% work hard. We also need to live but let us make steps that make us be the best version of ourselves. Or whatever. So, here is both of our new year resolutions and intentions.


My new year’s resolution is to just start doing more of what I want. I find myself often thinking of doing something, sometimes even daydreaming. The funny thing is it is things that I can do too! For example, sometimes I daydream about learning the ukulele more or recording videos. I can do all those things easily, I just do not. So, 2021 I will start just doing more of what I want. Also, I have a goal of making some sort of income off VeganMyPlate. As in, I want to start attending farmers markets. Lastly, I want to be more creative. I am more so just lazy on that end and need to start turning my creativity into a passion. That is really all I have lined up for my 2021 it is simple but can change so much. I guess you could say I am already doing more of what I want by making this post. I hope every single person in this world has an amazing 2021 and get what they are looking for. In & out. Pu Peace. J


Three words that capture my intentions for the first month of this new year: Present, mindful, and genuine. Over this past year I have become closer to who I really am. I took time to slow down and find my mind, body, and soul connection. This year I will continue my spiritual journey through mantras, meditation, and moving my body whether it be yoga, stretching, or weightlifting. I am holding myself accountable for living a positive lifestyle. Also, I will be more present this year in conversations with myself and others. On the other hand of passions. My passion for cooking is growing through VeganMyPlate. We created this account to hold ourselves accountable on pursuing a vegan lifestyle. Now this year is the time to take a bigger leap. Recipe books and farmers markets are in our future. I am sending you all my love and support as we embrace this chance for new beginning. J


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