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Tofu Breakfast Hash

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I usually do a hearty oatmeal dish. I use either plant protein or natural peanut butter topped with ground flax/chai seeds and fruits. Although, on the weekends I am cheffing it up for breakfast.

Tofu scramble is extremely easy for beginners.


  1. Start with 1/2 tbsp olive oil in a hot skillet. Then mash a block of extra firm tofu in skillet & cook while stirring gently for about three minutes to remove excess water. (No need to press before cooking.)

  2. Add 2 tbsp nutritional yeast, garlic powder, turmeric, salt, and pepper to taste. Cook for about 2 minutes.

  3. Add 2 tbsp nut milk and mix together!

  4. Once this is done I will sometimes add to to avo toast or finish making my hash.

Breakfast hash is also easy for beginners!:)


  1. Wash and cut up potatoes. I like the small baby ones.

  2. Add to a bowl with 1 tbsp olive oil, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, smoked paprika, and crushed red pepper flakes.

  3. Mix up and add to an air fryer at 375 degrees f until they are crispy to your liking. I usually do 20 minutes.

  4. While this cooks I like to sauté veggies such as mushrooms, bell peppers, tomato, garlic, zucchini, and onion in similar spices.

  5. Once the veggies are done I add the cooked tofu scramble and air fried potatoes.

  6. I cook this together for about three minutes and voila!


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