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Three Ways to be More Optimistic

Read this out loud, does not have to be loud it can even be uttering quietly. Just be sure to continue to breathe and focus on this moment.

I believe in myself and for some reason that is being too optimistic. Have you noticed everyone being bound to the bare minimum? It is as if they are not even trying. Well, maybe they are not trying to be better and give up too easily. My whole life I have heard ten no’s will get you one yes. That is sort of how you also need to live your life for your personal goals. Not everything will go to plan, but that does not mean you should give up and accept “reality”. It is ridiculous to think that we cannot do whatever we put our mind too. So, let us be more optimistic! Here are somethings I tend to do.

Firstly, I never am settled with what has been given to me. That does not mean I am not grateful; it is the exact opposite. I am forever grateful for what life has brought me to help me keep excelling and growing. The biggest thing is to look inward and not outward. You can feel settled with nice cars, clothes, houses and etc. However, mentally where are you at? What is your attitude? Are you happy with who YOU are and not just what you have? These are all vital questions to ask and most of the time the reality is that you are not content yet. Do you know what? That is perfectly fine! That means you get to grow and continue to be a better person. I am not saying you need to beat yourself up consistently but recognize that every day is new, and you can be the light to this darkening world. If enough of us think like this the power of optimism will overcome pessimism.

Secondly, limit your distractions. Yes, we do not need to be consumed by some form of media or entertainment 24/7. This is the hardest one for me, but the more I work on it the stronger and more confident I become. Personally, whenever I have a lot of anxiety, I tend stuff myself with irrelevant information to quiet down the voice in my head. I am still working on it, but I have begun to embrace that voice and learn from it. Just because it is a negative thought at first does not mean that it will forever be. It is like learning something new. At first, it can be stressful, and you want nothing to do with it. However, when you start to learn from it you begin to appreciate and understand it more and eventually it turns into something you are a master of! Even better, look at is an opportunity to better yourself and grow out of your boundaries. I have learned to take the anxiety and embrace it for a minute’s time and slow down these overwhelming thoughts and think through them. Almost as if I treat them as: in one ear and out the other.

Lastly, stop expecting the worst and thinking that is the only thing that will happen. Do not let the worst outcome ruin these beautiful opportunities of everlasting experiences. It may just be me, but I always think of the worst outcome and stick with that in the back of my mind and lose the opportunity to have a wonderful time. In time, I mean life. These outcomes are highly unlikely, but they are still there. So, I am working on this and what I have learned to do is understand that if I am a good person and continue to be the best I can be then the worst has no right to even bother me. Sure, failures come in life but even in that failure it is never the end. Do not let the “what if” ruin your journey. Accept that sometimes bad things happen, but never let the thought of something bad happening ruin the present. Focus on the now and you will see that worst outcome becoming less and less likely. Also, I always confront that worst thought with a solution. If I have anxiety I talk, write, ask and do whatever I can to put that thought out of my head as soon as possible.

All in all, you are the only one who can control who you want to be. If you do not believe that, then I know where you need to start! That is with each day being a little more optimistic. You are so powerful and everywhere you go you are precious. However, where you are now is not the only place you will be. Unbound yourself from anything and everything that weighs you down. You are you and no one else can change that. I love you; do you love you? Of course, you do! Pu peace :)


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