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Vegan Valentine's day Chocolate

Image by Tirza van Dijk
Image by Jesse Goll
Image by Monique Carrati

Vegan Chocolate Boxes? YUP! :D

It is another chocolate post, but with reason. Valentine’s day is right around the corner and guess what!?! All of those heart shaped chocolate boxes you see out and about are most likely NOT vegan. However, there is hope as veganism boom so does the demand for vegan products. The internet really can be a vegan’s best friend. While these vegan chocolate boxes may not be accessible to you IRL (in real life) they are heavily accessible through the internet.


In this post I would like to highlight just a few ways or sites that you can find delicious chocolate for your loved one (even if that is yourself). Firstly, we have NoWhey which has specialty chocolates all year round that are 100% vegan and almost perfect for anyone with any sort of allergen, such as nuts or gluten. To be blunt they are 100% free of the eight common allergens. These boxes of chocolate range from $30-$50 with on average each piece costing $2. So, a box of 15 truffles will cost you $30 while a box of 24 will cost you $50. Now, they also have smaller items that are much less expensive and heart shaped. There are several other vegan valentine chocolate friendly companies, this is just one. In terms of presentation and taste this is our personal favorite.

List of More Vegan Chocolate for Valentine's Day

The other way you can find chocolate for your loved one is by shopping small. In saying so, I mean utilizing Etsy. This is a wonderful platform that allows you to support fellow vegans. They have much more, but this is where aspiring vegan bakers, chefs, restaurant owners and etc. come to share their food. Also, while you are shopping small you can have that homemade taste and it does usually come cheaper. I have seen vegan chocolate boxes starting at $15 and then go up from there. I will always believe in backing small business and aspiring entrepreneurs.


So, that is a few ways you can get chocolate for your lover. I hope that you enjoyed this post and found relief in knowing that you can still go heart-shaped boxes for your significant other. Also, a pro tip: if you are ordering a few weeks in advance be sure to ask whoever you buy from to not ship until the week before! Have a happy valentine’s day!

Pu Peace 

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