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Vitamins 101 

Since transitioning to vegan I have learned many new ways to care for my mind, body, and soul. On that journey I have learned about the wonderful benefits of vitamin supplements

Note: I suggest going to get blood work done to see what kind of vitamins your body needs. :)

Pills on Spoons


Vitamins Aaron and I take: 

Ashwagandha helps your body manage stress, aids in mind clarity, may help reduce anxiety and depression, plus many more benefits. 

Biotin will aid in strengthening your hair, skin and nails. I used to get my nails done at a salon frequently to the point of them being so weak they would always break. Taking this supplement made a huge difference. 

B12 helps support nervous system functions. This will convert your food into energy. 

C provides antioxidant support and supports the immune system. This is the most self explanatory one. Honestly we eat a lot of citrus fruits, but as there is a pandemic going on we decided to amp up our vitamin c intake. :) 

D3 supports immune health, mood, memory, and muscle recovery. It also supports bone, teeth and muscle health. This is key for vegans as it "aids the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from your gut".

Here are some more vitamins recommended to vegans. :) Happy exploring! 

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