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Live Vegan for Less

Being vegan on a budget is possible!!

Vegetable Market

The sad reality of our world today is that food that is worse for us is cheaper than something healthy. Well, that is what we think but it is 110% possible to live a healthy lifestyle cheaply! If you look past the substitutes for cheese and burgers you will start to realize that being plant-based is not that expensive. You have the ability to live healthy on a budget. Do not ever let someone else tell you that. Hell, do not let yourself think that. Being vegan, no, healthy living takes more work than throwing something frozen into microwave or oven. You need to put effort into what you are eating half the time when producing something actually good for you. Now, you may not have the problem with cooking, but you are balling on a budget. No worries!!!


Today, I would love to highlight an important article “Live Vegan for Less” on the “Vegan Society” web page! Now, this is a complete shoppers guide, recipe and open forum to all needs of being a vegan while balling on a budget. Also, this is a great article for people considering going plant-based or even just trying to eat a little bit healthier. I know I wouldn’t want to go to the grocery buy a lot of fresh produce then have no idea what I am going to make. This is a great site to get rid of that stress of “what will I make with all this” and no more “I will grab some frozen pizzas”. For real, give this article a chance and look into what they have to offer. Seasoned vegan or not it is awesome! Lastly, any other companies you would like us to highlight, or think of any companies you simply love and think more people should know about? Shoot us an email: and we would love to see who you support (even if it is yourself)!


Pu Peace

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